Service Delivery

"We're delighted with the results of our project who hit every milestone, with the mezzanine installation being completed two weeks ahead of schedule. A great structure and a very happy outcome for all involved."

Project Manager, Buiding company, Oxfordshire

Four key business benefits

The parent company for Trade Mezzanines Liimited is Mezzanine International. Our trade partners benefit from having access to the vast skills and resources our Group has to offer. Here are some of the many benefits of your organisation in choosing to engage Trade Mezzanines' services on your mezzanine project.


1. On-time delivery

Professional project management processes ensure the swiftest execution on your mezzanine installation. Trade Mezzanines has an outstanding reputation for high-speed project delivery, particularly phased programmes for large-scale, multitier installations.


2. Strong health & safety focus

Robust health & safety processes and procedures are implemented for our clients giving you the peace of mind that all our onsite operatives, as well as those who work alongside us are safe from harm. Our qualified and chartered health & safety experts oversee all related activity for our crews, and can advise our clients and onsite partners, as necessary.


 3. Quality

Trade Mezzanines has ISO 9001 certification, backed by a focus on delivering the highest quality products and service. All our mezzanine projects are issued with a certificate of conformity to comply with CE marking regulations. Quality is also assured - driven by expert mezzanine design and carried through to the procurement, production and installation stages.


4. Projects delivered locally

We use our network of offices and 'quality-checked' project partners in the UK and Southern Ireand to ensure that skilled local teams are utilised on all projects where possible. This enables us to eliminate any wasteful expense, rapidly respond to the needs and requests of our partners and their clients.

Matt Loveday, Contracts Director

Meet Matt, and hear how we always deliver the best service to our clients on their mezzanine project.